This page is about how to build different types of Dagorhir-legal maces.

As a cleric who has sworn off the use of bladed weapons, I've needed to learn how to build light, fast, safe, study maces just to survive. This book contains designs for several different types of maces, hints on building a good mace, and where to find the best materials. So far, I've only got the designs up for barrel maces and flanged maces. Soon I hope to have designs up for ball maces, red versions of each type of mace, and maybe even a design for a war club.

Construction Tips

How to Build a Flanged Mace
This is the popular Numenorian-style design. Flanged maces look more realistic than barrel maces, but are slightly heavier, hit harder, and has a shorter striking surface.

How to Build a Barrel Mace
This is my personal favorite. Although not as impressive-looking as a flanged mace, it is lighter, faster, hits softer, and has a longer striking surface.

How to Build Grips and Pommels

If you have blunt weapon desings to link to this page, please send them to the webscribe!

Last Updated 11/16/2009

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