How to Build Barrel Maces

Materials needed:

½” PVC pipe (SCH 80 is best)

½” thick closed cell foam (camping pad)

¼” thick closed cell foam (kid’s camping pad)

1½” thick high-density open cell foam (green foam at fabric stores)

Professional-grade Duct Tape

Glue (3M’s  Super-90 spray adhesive)

Blue Cloth

Blue Thread


Instructions ( for one-handed blue mace)

1. Cut core to desired length. I prefer 2 feet.

2. Tape a coin or washer over the top of the pipe to keep it from cutting through the foam.

3. Glue a ½” closed-cell foam circle over the coin.

4. Glue a piece of ½” closed cell foam around the pipe. It should stop right before the handgrip.

5. Glue a second ½” closed-cell foam circle on top of the shaft.

6. Glue a piece of open cell foam (8” wide, 1½” thick, long enough to wrap around the shaft without compressing too much) around the top of the shaft.  Tape in place to hold it together until the glue dries, then remove the tape.

7. Cut out a piece of ¼”closed cell foam (½” will work) 9” wide and long enough to wrap around the open-cell foam “barrel”. Glue it in place.

8. Now just add a pommel.


9.  For the cover, cut out two pieces of blue cloth. One is a circle 1” wider than the top of the mace head. The other is a rectangle 13 inches wide, and long and enough to wrap around the mace head one and a half times.

10.  Sew the long edge of the cloth rectangle along the edge of the cloth circle.

11. Sew the two ends of the rectangle together. Cut off any excess cloth.

12. At the bottom of the cover, fold the edge up about a half inch or so and sew it down (this is the loop for the drawstring).

13. Run drawstring through the loop at the bottom of the cover.

14. Turn the cover inside out so that the seams don’t show.  Slip it over the mace head and pull the drawstring closed.  Knot the drawstring and tuck the loose ends inside the cover.


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