How to Build Flanged Maces

Materials needed:

½” PVC pipe (SCH 80 is best)

½” thick closed cell foam (camping pad)

Cloth tape (hockey tape, athletic tape, etc.)

Glue (DAP Contact Cement)




1. Cut core to desired length.  I prefer 2 feet.

2. Tape a coin or washer over the top of the pipe to keep it from cutting through the foam.

3. Glue two strips of ½” thick, closed-cell foam, 18” long and as wide as the core, along opposite sides of the core.

4. Place a strip of cloth tape along both sides of the pipe and foam.  This helps prevent the mace head from twisting on the core.

5. Glue two pieces of foam, 18” long and 1”+core width wide, along the other two sides of the core to form a foam “box” around the core.

6. Glue a square of foam over on top of the box and core.


7. To make the flanges, first glue together 4 pieces of ½” foam, 6”-7” long and (1½”?) wide.

8. Next, cut the top corners off the foam block at a 45-degree angle to make a trapezoid shape. (Impact force will eventually make a block-shaped flange cut into the foam beneath it.  The trapezoid flange distributes the impact force better, makes the weapon last longer, and just looks cooler anyway.)

9. Repeat steps 7 & 8 until you have 4 flanges.

10. At the top of the shaft, glue one flange to each side of the foam box

11. To fill in the gap between flanges, first glue together two strip of ½” foam 6”-7” long and 1” wide.

12. Cut this strip in half diagonally.

13. Repeat steps 12 &13 until you have four triangular wedges.

14. Glue wedges into the corners between flanges.  This will stabilize the flanges and keep them from being ripped off in battle.

15. Glue another square of foam over the top of the shaft.  Make sure you can’t feel the core when you press down.

16. Cut out four cloth rectangles 8”-9” long and 6” wide.  Using athletic tape, tape a piece of cloth over each flange.  Then cover the rest of the foam mace head in tape.  Cover the shaft in athletic or duct tape.  (I prefer brown duct tape for a wooden look)

17. Now, just add a grip and pommel, and you’re done!


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