How to Build Grips & Pommels

Materials needed:

4 -5 inch long bolt, or 5/16 wide (optional)

Rope or leather for the handle grip

or 3/8 thick closed cell foam (camping pad)

Duct tape or cloth tape

Glue (DAP Contact Cement)



COUNTERWEIGHT (optional) Counterweighing a top-heavy weapon (like a mace) helps balance it, making it quicker and easier to maneuver. To add a counterweight, slide a 4-5 long bolt about or 5/16 wide inside the core at the bottom of the mace. Tape securely in place. NOTE: This only works with PVC cores.


1. Glue a foam circle over the end of the handle.

2. Tape in place.

3. Glue a piece of camping foam, 1.75 wide, around the end of the handle.

4. Glue another foam circle to the end of the pommel.

5. Tape in place.

6. Glue another piece of camping foam, 1.5 wide, around the pommel.

7. Firmly tape the pommel to the core to keep it from getting ripped off.

1 - Tape the top of the pommel to core all the way around. Optional: add a second layer of tape for extra stability.

2&3 - Crisscross tape over the end of the pommel

4 Wrap a piece of tape around the core

5&6 Wrap tape around the pommel



8. Place a long piece of duct tape at the top of the handle, then fold it back so the sticky side faces out. Wrap it around the length of the handle.

9. Tape one end of the rope to the top of the shaft, then wrap it tightly down the handle. Tape down the other rope end at the bottom.

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